What is Eastwood Park prison Like UK

What is Eastwood Park prison Like UK

The Harsh Realities of Life in Eastwood Park Prison: A Comprehensive Overview


What comes to mind when you think about Eastwood Park Prison in South Gloucestershire? A correctional facility should be a place for reform and rehabilitation, but according to recent reports, Eastwood Park Prison presents a different picture. Let’s delve into the details to explore what life is really like in this women’s prison.

Damning Reports

An unannounced inspection of Eastwood Park Prison conducted in October 2022 has thrown light on appalling conditions. Chief Inspector of Prisons Charlie Taylor has been explicit in stating that the conditions in the cells were deplorable, marked by blood spatters, graffiti, and other signs of distress from previous occupants. The walls of some cells showed extensive scratches, highlighting the intense trauma inmates have experienced.

What is Eastwood Park prison Like UK

Grim Statistics

The inspection report revealed alarming statistics. A staggering 83% of women incarcerated here have reported suffering from mental health issues. Furthermore, the report emphasized the ‘very high rates of self-harm’ and two self-inflicted deaths since May 2019.

Houseblock 4: A Nightmare?

One particular unit, known as Houseblock 4, was described as “the worst ever seen” by an experienced inspector. This unit houses women who are under supervision, in segregation, or awaiting transfer to secure mental health facilities. Despite the dedication and courage shown by the staff, they were found to be inadequately trained to support these women properly.

What is Eastwood Park prison Like UK

What is Eastwood Park prison Like UK

Lack of Basic Amenities

The facility was also criticized for its slow processing of essential items like clothing, with women even having to borrow bras from cellmates. Such issues have led to increased feelings of being “dismissed or ignored,” resulting in escalated levels of self-harm and aggression towards the staff.

Priority Concerns Highlighted in the Report

  • Two self-inflicted deaths and high levels of self-harm.
  • Acute staff shortages, leading to minimal time out of cells for prisoners.
  • The appalling living conditions for women who are acutely mentally unwell.
  • An increase in the use of force against prisoners.
  • Limited support for maintaining family relationships.
  • Insufficient space for education, skills, and work.

Firsthand Accounts

Jasmine York, a former inmate, described her time in Eastwood Park Prison as “horrendous.” York, who was imprisoned for participating in the ‘Kill the Bill’ protest, stressed that although prison is meant to be a punishment, it should not strip individuals of their basic human rights.

Actions Being Taken

A spokesperson from the Prison Service stated that the severe issues raised by the report were being addressed. The Ministry of Justice also announced plans to increase staffing and invest millions in community services.


Eastwood Park Prison has been under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. From acute mental health issues to shocking living conditions, the facility has been described as “unsafe” and “distressing,” both by inmates and inspection authorities. While steps are being taken to address these issues, the current state of Eastwood Park Prison serves as a grim reminder of the urgent reforms needed in the correctional system.