What do prisoners eat?

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What do prisoners eat?

What do prisoners eat? Prisoners are meant to get 3 meals a day but the food is just not adequate enough for a grown man.

The prison have a food budget of £2 a day to feed each prisoner whereas the public health of england suggest a healthy diet would cost more like £5.99 per day!

Usually, whilst collecting dinner, the prisoner is also given a breakfast pack which includes sugars, a small bag of cereal such as oats, rice crispies or if your lucky, cocopops. A small childs carton of UHT milk and also a couple of slices of bread.

Lunch, normally a stale baguette containing something like tuna or coronation chicken. Sometimes you get the option for a steak bake or sausage roll which are as equally ghastly with chewy grizzly meat inside. Packs of noodles is also a big thing for lunh. This is accompanies with an apple, packet of crisps and a biscuit, such as a penguin bar or biscoffee bisuits.

Dinner. This is normally on a rotation of about 5 choices. Curry, pie, fish, casserole or some days chicken leg, pizza or burger which is the most popular days. The portion of mean is usually small and loaded up with rice, vegetables or potatoes.

Desert, you normally get flung a yoghurt, sometimes a frozen doughnut or fruit.

What do prisoners eat?

Prison Food

1What do prisoners eat for breakfast

Prisoners eat for breakfast cereal mainly. Porridge oats, cocopops, rice crispies, muesli and other cereals like that. Normally, with dinner, the breakfast packs are given out with a small childs size carton of prison issue UHT Milk

2What do prisoners eat for lunch

Prisoners eat for lunch usuaully noodles or a baguette with tuna or coronation chicken or something similar. Sometimes a sausage roll or pasty. This is normally acompanied with a peice of fruit, biscuits and crisps.

3how many meals do prisoners get a day

Prisoners normally get 3 meals a day, If you can call them meals! Breakfast is cereal, lunch is a sandwhich, baguette or noodles and dinner is something like a curry, stew or casserole

4how many calories do prisoners eat UK

Male prisoners are meant to get 2500 calories a day but with a prison budget of £2 per man per day for food, its nearly impossible to provide that. I dont know how many calories the meals provided but it was certainly a lot less than recommended. Lots of prisoners took to cooking in kettles to supplement the food supplied to stay full!

What do prisoners eat?

What do prisoners eat?

Most are usually still hungry due to the childs portion sizes served up on blue picnic plates and eaten with plastic cutlery. A lot of men choose to cook in the in cell kettle and order food from the canteen which is like a tucshop. Tinned tuna is like a currency in prison with a lot trading hands due to it being popular to keep people full and a source of protein for those working out.

The prison kitchens and survery hatches are filthy, whatever you order is a lucky dip whether you get what you want and the time to get your food takes a while as people push in and those behind the survery dish up their mates first.

The dinner line is also a place for a lot of issues with prisoner not being happy with what they are given, patience wearing thin and also people pushing in.

Due to the imported food, usually from china. Lots of people get ill after eating the prison food, specially in the early days. Your stomach needs to be made of iron to survive but you have no choice but to adapt or go hungry!