What is East Sutton Prison Like?

What is East Sutton Prison Like?

What is East Sutton Park Prison Like? The Inside Scoop on This Unique Correctional Facility


Nestled in the lush landscapes of Kent, East Sutton Park Prison is unlike any other correctional institution. With a reputation for a tranquil environment, welcoming staff, and delectable cuisine, it has attracted attention from both inmates and the general public alike. But what is East Sutton Park Prison really like? Let’s dive in to discover the facts and hear firsthand accounts from inmates.


East Sutton Park Prison, located in Maidstone, Kent, is a category D correctional facility focusing on open conditions. It has the operational capacity to house around 100 women and young offenders. With 21 dormitories, each accommodating approximately five beds, this establishment has a rather intimate atmosphere compared to larger prisons.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 01622785000
  • Address: Sutton Valence, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 3DF

The East Sutton Park Experience: A Glowing Inmate Review

In the words of an inmate identified as T. Hayes, East Sutton Park is more akin to a manor house than a traditional prison. This facility has garnered glowing reviews in inmate publications like Inside Time. T. Hayes particularly lauded the clean air, scenic country lakes, and the welcoming ambiance.

What is East Sutton Prison Like?

Natural Beauty & Recreational Activities

The prison boasts an expansive 84-acre ground teeming with herds of horses. The inmates are permitted to engage in country walks by a picturesque lake located within the facility’s grounds during the evening hours. The proximity to nature offers a therapeutic experience that most other facilities can’t match.

Culinary Delights

East Sutton Park Prison is celebrated for its culinary offerings. The institution sources its sausages and lamb chops from its own herd of saddleback pigs and flock of sheep. The food quality is so impressive that inmates like T. Hayes have made special mention of the great food served within the establishment.

What is East Sutton Prison Like?

What is East Sutton Prison Like?

Staff and Administration

In T. Hayes’ words: “As you come up the long drive of the prison, a large, grand house stands before you, enveloped by trees and greenery. It’s a heartwarming sight to see animals again after being in closed conditions. As you step off the transport, friendly staff greet you warmly, making your transition comfortable.”

Why Choose East Sutton Park?

If you’ve been contemplating a transfer or are interested in the prison environment in the UK, East Sutton Park offers a unique experience. The freedom to interact with nature, coupled with a cozy environment and sumptuous meals, is a stark contrast to the more restrictive environment found in closed prisons.


So, what is East Sutton Park Prison like? It’s an establishment where the lines between a correctional facility and a country manor blur, offering inmates a rather unique experience. If the glowing reviews are anything to go by, it may well be one of the most unique and inmate-friendly prisons in the United Kingdom.