Send Mail to Prisoner

Send Mail to Prisoner

Your Ultimate Guide to Sending Mail to a Prisoner in the UK


Staying connected with a loved one in prison is crucial for emotional well-being and rehabilitation. While there are various ways to maintain contact, sending mail remains one of the most personal and heartfelt methods. If you’re looking to understand how to send mail to a prisoner in the UK, this comprehensive guide is your one-stop resource.

Traditional Mail: The Basics

Sending mail to a prisoner in the UK is generally straightforward but comes with specific guidelines. All letters are subject to security checks, so it’s crucial to follow the rules set by the particular prison. Always include the prisoner’s full name, prison number, and the facility’s address to ensure your mail reaches its intended recipient.

Digital Alternatives: Email a Prisoner

Though prisoners in the UK can’t access social media or receive direct emails, there’s a workaround. A service called “Email a Prisoner” allows you to send messages that are printed and delivered by prison staff. Each email costs 40p, and you’ll need to buy credits to use the service. For more information, visit Email a Prisoner.

Send Mail to Prisoner

Send Mail to Prisoner

Replying and Photo Attachments

Some UK prisons permit inmates to reply to emails received via the Email a Prisoner service. In certain cases, prisoners can also attach a photo to their reply. It’s advisable to check which facilities offer this feature before using the service.

Security Protocols

Whether you’re sending traditional mail or using the Email a Prisoner service, be aware that all correspondence undergoes security checks. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of the prison community.

The Importance of Staying in Touch

Regular communication with a prisoner is beneficial for both the inmate and their friends and family. It provides emotional support and can be a vital part of the rehabilitation process.

What to include on the envelope when sending mail to a prisoner

Sending mail to a prisoner in the UK is a straightforward process, but it’s crucial to get the details right to ensure your letter reaches its intended recipient. One of the most important aspects is correctly addressing the envelope. This guide will walk you through what to include on the envelope when writing to a prisoner in the UK.

Essential Information for the Envelope

Prisoner’s Name

Always start by writing the full name of the prisoner. This helps the prison staff to quickly identify who the letter is for.

Prisoner’s Prison Number

Each prisoner is assigned a unique prison number, which is essential for identification. Make sure to include this number clearly on the envelope.

Prison Address

The full address of the prison is necessary for the letter to reach the correct facility. This should include the name of the prison, the street address, city, and postcode.

John Doe
Prison Number: A1234BC
HMP Example Prison
123 Prison Road
City, Postcode

Additional Tips

Return Address

It’s a good idea to include your return address either on the back of the envelope or in the top left corner on the front. This ensures that the letter can be returned to you if it cannot be delivered for any reason.


Make sure to affix the correct postage to the envelope. The cost will depend on the size and weight of the letter.



Sending mail to a prisoner in the UK involves understanding and adhering to specific guidelines and procedures. Whether you opt for traditional mail or the Email a Prisoner service, this guide aims to be your comprehensive resource for all your needs. Stay connected with your loved ones, even when they are behind bars, by following the information and tips provided here.

Send Mail to Prisoner