Discover HMP Garth: History, Facilities, and Inmate Life

HMP Garth, a prominent Category B men’s prison, is located in the village of Ulnes Walton near Leyland, Lancashire. Established in 1988, HMP Garth has grown to accommodate over 800 inmates, primarily adult males serving extensive sentences for serious offences. This facility plays a crucial role in the UK’s prison system, offering a range of services and programs aimed at inmate rehabilitation and public safety.


HMP Garth

The History of HMP Garth

HMP Garth opened its doors in 1988 and quickly became known for its robust security measures and focus on rehabilitation. Over the years, the prison has expanded and adapted to meet the needs of its population, including the addition of new residential units and updated facilities to support various inmate programs​​​​.


Latest News from HMP Garth

Recent reports have highlighted both the challenges and advancements within HMP Garth. The prison has faced issues such as staff shortages and contraband smuggling but has also made strides in introducing innovative programs and improving inmate conditions. For example, Garth has been involved in sustainable energy projects to reduce its environmental footprint​​​​.

General Information About HMP Garth

HMP Garth is classified as a Category B prison, signifying a high level of security for inmates who pose a moderate to high risk of escape or harm to the public. The prison houses around 835 adult male offenders, including those on remand and serving long-term sentences​​​​.

Facilities and Inmate Life at HMP Garth


HMP Garth features multiple residential units with single and shared cells, each equipped with basic amenities like beds, desks, toilets, and wash basins. Single cells are typically reserved for inmates serving indeterminate sentences, while shared cells are used for those with shorter sentences​​.

Healthcare and Wellbeing

The prison provides comprehensive healthcare services, including access to general practitioners, psychiatrists, and dental care. Emergency care is available 24/7, with a strong emphasis on mental health and substance abuse programs​​.

Education and Vocational Training

Inmates at HMP Garth have access to a variety of educational and vocational training programs designed to improve literacy, numeracy, and job skills. These programs are crucial for helping inmates reintegrate into society upon release​​​​.

Visiting Information

Visitors to HMP Garth can book appointments online or by phone. Visits are typically scheduled between Wednesday and Sunday, with specific time slots available. Visitors must arrive early for security checks and bring valid identification​​​​.

Future Plans for HMP Garth

HMP Garth is continuously seeking to improve its facilities and inmate programs. Ongoing reviews and policy updates aim to create a safer and more rehabilitative environment, ultimately aiding in the successful reintegration of inmates into the community

FAQs About HMP Garth

  1. What is HMP Garth? HMP Garth is a Category B men’s prison in Lancashire, housing adult male inmates serving long-term sentences.

  2. How can I book a visit to HMP Garth? Visits can be booked online or by calling the prison directly. It’s important to confirm the visiting hours and guidelines before planning your visit.

  3. What facilities are available for inmates at HMP Garth? The prison offers accommodation, healthcare, educational and vocational training, recreational activities, and chaplaincy services.

  4. What type of inmates are housed at HMP Garth? HMP Garth primarily houses adult male offenders who pose a moderate to high risk of escape or harm to the public.

  5. What educational programs are offered at HMP Garth? Inmates can participate in programs that improve literacy, numeracy, and vocational skills, helping them prepare for life after release.

  6. How do I get to HMP Garth? HMP Garth is located in Ulnes Walton, Leyland. The nearest train station is in Leyland, approximately 6 miles from the prison.

  7. What is the capacity of HMP Garth? The prison can accommodate around 835 inmates.

  8. Are there any notable incidents at HMP Garth? The prison has faced challenges such as contraband smuggling and staff shortages but continues to work on improvements.

  9. What kind of healthcare services are available at HMP Garth? Inmates have access to general healthcare, mental health support, and substance abuse programs.

  10. What recreational activities are available at HMP Garth? The prison provides sports facilities, a gym, a library, and other recreational options to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Summary and Conclusion

HMP Garth plays a vital role in the UK’s prison system, offering a secure environment for high-risk offenders while focusing on rehabilitation and reintegration. With comprehensive facilities, healthcare, educational programs, and recreational activities, HMP Garth aims to prepare inmates for successful reentry into society. For more detailed information, visit our other prison pages such as HMP Full Sutton