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London Prisons

Prisons in London – There are numerous prison Prisons in london including Wandsworth Prison, Belmarsh and Brixton which are some of the most well known prison names in the london region. London, due to a larger volume of residents, courts, crime and so on has a higher density of prisons in one location.

Most of the London Prisons are over capacity, over run, victorian style and not fit for purpose. Majority have a minimum of 2 men in one cell due to overcrowding and has a high level of crime and violence inside the prison.

London Prisons Include: Belmarsh, Brixton, Bronzefield, Coldingley, Downview, Feltham, high Down, Holloway
ISIS, Pentonville, Send, Thameside, Wandsworth and Wormwood Scrubs. You can see the full list and contact details for the London Prisons below

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