What is Stocken Prison Like?

Interior view of Stocken Prison, highlighting its vocational training workshops and educational spaces

What is Stocken Prison Like?


Interested in Stocken Prison? Here’s an overview covering its history, what life is like for inmates, staff viewpoints, and the latest news about the facility.


Stocken Prison opened in 1985 as a Category C facility. Operated by HMPS, it has a capacity of 853 inmates and is situated in Rutland.


Located in Rutland, Stocken Prison had its most recent visit on 15 November 2018. This marked the 62nd formal visit to the facility.

Inside Look: A Prisoner’s Perspective

Daily Life

Prisoners describe Stocken as having a dependable routine, with ample time out of cells and access to diverse vocational training and workshops.

Staff Relations

Inmates commend the officers for being caring and approachable, enhancing the quality of life within the prison.

What is Stocken Prison Like?

What is Stocken Prison Like?


The gym is highly praised for both its facilities and staff. Inmates also appreciate the wing cooking facilities, the food served during visits, and an extensive canteen list.

Peer Support

There is a strong system of peer mentors and support workers. The drug recovery wing and library services, including a peer-led book club, are highly rated.

Officers’ Views

Staff Morale

Officers describe a safe environment and a collaborative, positive workforce. They find the senior management team to be visible, approachable, and supportive.

Training and Communication

Regular training days and comprehensive staff briefings are conducted, keeping the team well-informed and up-to-date.

Managerial Insight

Workforce and Culture

Senior managers describe a cohesive and committed workforce, underpinned by good relations between staff and management.


The education within the prison is rated as ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED, highlighting the facility’s commitment to inmate rehabilitation.


The managers note that the facility’s environment is softened by color and artworks, contributing to a more pleasant atmosphere.


Stocken Prison is a Category C facility with a focus on safety, rehabilitation, and community. From its dedicated staff to its wide range of educational and vocational programs, Stocken aims to provide a constructive environment for its inmates.

Latest News

Stay tuned to this section for the most recent news reports and updates on Stocken Prison.

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