How do I prepare myself for jail UK?

How do I prepare myself for jail UK?

How Do I Prepare Myself for Jail in the UK? Preparing for a stint in jail can be an overwhelming prospect. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare can make the transition to prison life in the UK more manageable. This comprehensive guide covers everything from packing your prison bag to understanding the progression through different prison categories.

Packing Your Prison Bag

Before heading to prison, you’ll be allowed to bring a small bag of personal items. Essentials include:

  • Basic clothing items like underwear, socks, and t-shirts (check with the specific prison for allowed items).
  • Prescription medication with proper documentation.
  • A pair of glasses or contact lenses, if required.
  • A small amount of money to be deposited into your prison account for initial necessities.

Remember, space is limited, and security restrictions apply, so pack wisely. Read more on what to take to Jail here

First Impressions: Your Cell and Cellmate

Upon arrival, you’ll be allocated a cell which might be shared with a cellmate. First cellmates can vary greatly; some might be welcoming and helpful, while others may prefer keeping to themselves. Respect their space and establish clear boundaries early on to foster a harmonious living environment.

Daily Life: Showers, Meals, and Routine

Prison showers are communal, and privacy can be limited. It’s important to respect others’ space and follow any scheduled shower times.

Meals in prison are provided three times a day, with menus designed to meet basic nutritional needs. While not gourmet, the food is generally wholesome, and special dietary requirements can be accommodated.

Your daily routine will include roll calls, work assignments, educational programs, and recreational time. Adhering to this routine is crucial for maintaining order and security.

How do I prepare myself for jail UK?

How do I prepare myself for jail UK?

Financial Matters: Prison Account and Purchases

Upon entry, any money you bring will be deposited into your prison account. This account is used to purchase phone credit and items from the prison canteen, such as snacks, toiletries, and stationery. Managing your account wisely is key to maintaining contact with loved ones and ensuring access to extra comforts.

Progressing Through the Prison System

The UK prison system is categorised from A to D, with A being the highest security. Good behaviour, participation in rehabilitative programs, and a demonstrated commitment to change can lead to progression to lower security prisons and eventually to an open prison.

Accessing ROTL and Home Leave

Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) allows eligible prisoners to spend time outside of prison for work, education, or family visits. This is part of the rehabilitation process and is aimed at preparing inmates for eventual reintegration into society. Eligibility for ROTL depends on your security category, behaviour, and the nature of your offence.


Preparing for jail in the UK involves both practical and mental preparation. Understanding what to expect, from your first cellmate to daily routines and financial management, can alleviate some of the anxiety associated with incarceration. Progressing through the prison system and accessing privileges like ROTL requires a commitment to positive behaviour and engagement with rehabilitative opportunities.