HMP Kirkham Overview

HMP Kirkham is a Category D open prison for men situated in Lancashire. Initially established on the site of a former RAF training camp, it offers a blend of history, modern facilities, and a focus on rehabilitation.


HMP Kirkham

History of HMP Kirkham

HMP Kirkham has an interesting history, beginning as RAF Kirkham in 1939. It served as a training ground during WWII before being converted into a prison in 1962. The transformation from a military camp to an open prison marks a significant shift in its purpose and function.


Current Facilities and Programs

HMP Kirkham provides various educational and vocational training programs. Prisoners can gain qualifications in subjects such as bricklaying, painting, industrial cleaning, and more. The prison also runs workshops, kitchens, and gardening projects aimed at equipping inmates with practical skills for their release.

Capacity and Accommodation

The prison can accommodate approximately 700 inmates, housed in 28 units. It is equipped with facilities for prisoners with physical disabilities and offers a smoke-free environment. Each unit includes basic amenities like a kitchen and telephone, fostering a sense of community and self-reliance among the inmates.

Security and Safety Measures

As a Category D open prison, HMP Kirkham focuses on low-risk offenders who are nearing the end of their sentences. The prison maintains strict security and safeguarding policies to ensure the safety and well-being of all prisoners.

Location and Access

HMP Kirkham is located near the town of Kirkham in Lancashire. The prison is accessible by public transport, with the nearest rail station being Kirkham & Wesham. Visitors can book appointments online and must follow the prison’s regulations regarding items allowed during visits.

Latest News and Developments

Recent reports highlight various initiatives and activities at HMP Kirkham. The prison has faced challenges such as drug use among inmates, but it continues to focus on rehabilitation and community projects. Inmates have participated in restoring Blackpool trams and other local projects, showcasing the prison’s commitment to integrating prisoners back into society.

HMP Kirkham in the Community

HMP Kirkham plays an active role in the local community, engaging in various charitable events and public service projects. These efforts help build positive relationships between the prison and the surrounding area.

Visiting HMP Kirkham

Visits at HMP Kirkham are scheduled on weekends, and visitors must adhere to specific protocols, including providing identification and undergoing searches. The visits centre offers facilities for visitors, making the process as smooth as possible.


HMP Kirkham stands out as a model of rehabilitation and community engagement. With its robust educational programs and focus on inmate welfare, it continues to offer opportunities for personal growth and reintegration into society.


1. What is the history of HMP Kirkham? HMP Kirkham was originally RAF Kirkham, a WWII training camp, before converting to an open prison in 1962.

2. What type of prisoners does HMP Kirkham hold? HMP Kirkham holds Category D prisoners, who are considered low-risk and nearing the end of their sentences.

3. How can I visit an inmate at HMP Kirkham? Visits can be booked online. Visitors must bring ID and follow the prison’s guidelines on prohibited items.

4. What facilities are available for inmates at HMP Kirkham? Inmates have access to educational programs, vocational training, workshops, and recreational facilities.

5. Where is HMP Kirkham located? HMP Kirkham is located in Lancashire, near the town of Kirkham.

6. How many inmates can HMP Kirkham accommodate? The prison can accommodate around 700 inmates.

7. Is HMP Kirkham a smoking-free facility? Yes, HMP Kirkham is a no-smoking facility.

8. What community projects are inmates at HMP Kirkham involved in? Inmates participate in local projects such as the restoration of Blackpool trams.

9. What type of education is provided at HMP Kirkham? Inmates can gain qualifications in various vocational and academic subjects.

10. How does HMP Kirkham support inmate rehabilitation? Through comprehensive educational programs, vocational training, and community involvement, HMP Kirkham focuses on rehabilitating inmates and preparing them for reintegration into society.

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