Prison call app

Prison Call App

Prison Call App

If youre looking for a Prison Call App there are a few official prison call apps that allow you to facilitate video calls, prison voicemail and theres even an app for you to send photos to a prisoner and also emails.

Prison voicemail allows you to send and receive voicemails to each other. The prisoner can call a dedicated number and leave a voicemail, then the family member can do the same and the prisoner can call the number and receive the voicemail. If you’re interested in this Prison Call App: CLICK HERE

Email a prisoner. You can use this service to send an email to a prisoner. The prisoner then prints the email and its posted with the normal mail at the prison to the prisoner. It could be a quicker way of getting a message or letter through to a prisoner than sending a normal letter. Interested in the email a prisoner app? CLICK HERE

Prison Call App Alternative

Prison Call App

We also have a prison call app that will effectively make calling a mobile phone for a prisoner at landline rates. This actually doesnt require you to download any app to your phone. We supply a virtual landline, when the prisoner calls this, it will divert unlimited calls to your mobile. All the prisoner has to pay is landline prices which dramatically saves on call credit. If youre interested in this CLICK HERE

Video Prison Call App: Also known as Purple Visits. Allows you to effectively have facetime with a prisoner. It does cost and needs to be prearranged. If you would like to find out more about this prison call app CLICK HERE

Apart from the above which are the official apps which are approved by the prison, there isnt any other apps that will make calls cheaper or free. Other apps will mask your number via IP so that your calls are going through the internet and then straight to your phone via the app. Which again, makes calling a mobile for a prisoner at landline rates. But this method can be unreliable seen as you need good internet to be able to hear the prisoner properly. The audio quality can also not be the best. 

This is why we would recommend our package which divert the calls from a landline direct to your mobile phone so youll never miss a call again. You can sign up for our unlimited diverts package here: CLICK HERE then instead of a mobile call costing 16p for a prisoner it will be at the much reduced rate of a landline price saving the prisoner money. Whats more, you DONT actually need to download any prison call apps for our service to work!