What Prison Were The Krays In?

aWhat Prison Were The Krays In?

What Prison Were The Krays In? A Detailed Look Into Their Incarceration Journey

Introduction: The Infamous Kray Twins

When it comes to British crime history, few names are as infamous as Ronnie and Reggie Kray, commonly known as the Kray Twins. The brothers were notorious gangsters who terrorized London during the 1950s and 1960s with a criminal empire that encompassed a range of illegal activities. But where did the Krays end up? What prisons were they in? Here’s an in-depth look into their life behind bars.

What Prison Were The Krays In?

Their Notorious Crimes

The Kray twins were involved in multiple criminal activities including armed robbery, arson, protection rackets, and most notably, murder. Ronnie Kray was openly involved in the killing of George Cornell, a rival gang member, in the Blind Beggar pub in Whitechapel. Reggie Kray was implicated in the murder of Jack ‘The Hat’ McVitie, another underworld figure. These heinous acts were instrumental in their eventual imprisonment.

Sentences They Received

In 1969, both Ronnie and Reggie Kray were convicted of murder and were each sentenced to life imprisonment, with a recommended minimum term of 30 years. This was a landmark case at the time, as it effectively marked the end of the twins’ reign over London’s criminal underworld.

What Prison Were The Krays In? A Timeline

Early Imprisonments

Before their life sentences, the Kray twins had minor brushes with the law that led to short-term imprisonments. These were often in London-based jails for petty crimes that were part and parcel of their rise to power.

What Prison Were The Krays In?

Main Incarcerations

After their high-profile trial in 1969, both brothers were initially sent to HMP Brixton. Ronnie was later moved to Broadmoor Hospital after being declared insane. Reggie, on the other hand, spent time in various prisons including HMP Wayland, HMP Gartree, and HMP Maidstone among others.

Final Destinations

The last prison that Ronnie Kray was in was Broadmoor Hospital, where he died in 1995. Reggie Kray spent the last years of his life imprisonment at HMP Wayland in Norfolk. He was released on compassionate grounds due to ill health in August 2000 and passed away shortly thereafter.

Additional Information: Visits and Behavior

While in prison, both brothers were visited by a number of celebrities, journalists, and even politicians. They were infamous for their ability to wield power and influence even behind bars. However, their conduct in prison varied; Ronnie was often considered more volatile, while Reggie was deemed to be more controlled.

Conclusion: The Krays and Their Life in Prison

The Kray twins are a significant chapter in the history of British crime and their life behind bars is just as intriguing as their exploits on the streets of London. From HMP Brixton to Broadmoor Hospital and HMP Wayland, their incarceration journey was fraught with its own set of dramas and challenges. Their story serves as a stark reminder of the implications of a life committed to crime.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What prison were the Krays in last?
    • Ronnie: Broadmoor Hospital
    • Reggie: HMP Wayland
  • What were their crimes?
    • Both were convicted of murder among other crimes.
  • How many times were they in prison?
    • Multiple times, including minor imprisonments before their life sentences.

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What Prison Were The Krays In?