What is Forest Bank Prison Like?

What is Forest Bank Prison Like

What is Forest Bank Prison Like? An Inside Look at Life, Safety, and Reports

Forest Bank Prison, officially known as HMP Forest Bank, opened its doors in the year 2000 and has since been managed under a 25-year public finance initiative. Initially designed to house 800 inmates as a Category B Local prison, the institution has expanded its operational capacity to accommodate 1,460 adult male prisoners, both sentenced and on remand, including young inmates aged between 18-21 years.

What is Forest Bank Prison Like?

Facilities and Community Links

The prison is equipped with 16 residential units, a healthcare center, a gym, library, industries complex, chaplaincy, and a kitchen. Serving the courts of Greater Manchester, the institution has forged strong community links, focusing particularly on resettlement programs.

Safety and Crime Reports

Recent years have seen an alarming number of reported crimes at Forest Bank. Information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act highlights 1,648 reported crimes since 2018, including 27 rape allegations and 34 other sex crimes. Concerns have also been raised about violence and widespread drug use, spurring local authorities to call for an ‘urgent’ review of the facility.

Forest Bank Prison UK

What is Forest Bank Prison Like?

Contract and Management

The French-based facilities management company, Sodexo, holds the contract to operate Forest Bank Prison. Scheduled to end in January 2025, the initial deal was worth approximately £1 billion.

The Real Experience Inside Forest Bank Prison

Despite the existence of educational and vocational programs, Forest Bank Prison has been criticized for various issues. These range from an alleged ‘culture of lawlessness,’ drug use, and violence, to concerns about staff safety and resource allocation.