What is Channings Wood Prison Like?

What is Channings Wood Prison Like?

Spotlight on HMP Channings Wood

Earlier this week, HMP Channings Wood was suddenly catapulted into public attention when an inmate, Miley Connors, aged 24, managed to escape. His whereabouts are still unknown five days later. While the prison service typically remains tight-lipped about the conditions within the jail, the incident has renewed public curiosity about life behind the bars of this Devon institution.

A Brief History of HMP Channings Wood

The prison, located near Newton Abbot, was established in 1974 on a site previously occupied by a Ministry of Defence base. It underwent several expansions, most notably in 1991 and 2004. Channings Wood is a Category C training and resettlement prison, designed to help men lead law-abiding lives both in custody and after release.

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What is Channings Wood Prison Like?

Daily Routine: A Minute-by-Minute Account

Morning Activities

The daily life inside Channings Wood starts with lights on at approximately 8 AM. The doors to the cells are not opened until about 15 minutes later. Inmates then form a line, preparing to go to work or educational activities. Unlike Exeter Prison, where cells are shared, each inmate at Channings Wood has a solitary cell equipped with a kettle, radio, and TV, featuring basic channels such as BBC 1, ITV, and Channel 4.

Work and Education

Educational activities include courses in maths, English, IT, and business studies, among others. Inmates may also engage in work such as clothing tasks or painting the wings. The daily activities help prisoners keep occupied and prepare for life after their sentence.

Incentive and Earned Privileges

Inmates can also earn various perks through a system known as Incentive and Earned Privileges (IEPs). Good conduct may be rewarded with extra amenities like DVD players and gaming consoles, while poor behavior leads to these privileges being revoked.

What is Channings Wood Prison Like?

What is Channings Wood Prison Like?

Food: The Inside Perspective

Despite common stereotypes, prison food doesn’t win any culinary awards among inmates. Meals are served three times a day, with breakfast being handed out the previous night. According to official figures, approximately £2 is spent on feeding each inmate daily, although some insiders claim the cost is lower, around £1.55 per day.

Visitation Rights

Visits vary depending on the prisoner’s behavior. Enhanced inmates receive three visits per month, standard inmates receive two, and those on basic receive one. Family visits are often seen as the most enjoyable, as they take place in a larger hall that allows for greater movement and interaction.

Violence and Substance Abuse: Ongoing Issues

Channings Wood Prison, like many other institutions, is not without its problems. Violent incidents and alarm activations are frequent, sometimes involving hot water attacks and severe beatings. Substance abuse, particularly of the synthetic drug Spice, is rampant.

Communication and Authority

Evening phone calls are allowed, although they operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Relations with the prison guards can be mixed. Some go out of their way to be helpful, while others can be more difficult to work with.

What Authorities Are Saying

The Ministry of Justice has emphasized the recruitment of over 4,300 more prison officers in the last two years, aimed at reducing violence in prisons. A recent £70 million investment is targeted at improving living conditions and security measures such as advanced scanners and phone-blocking technology.


Life inside Channings Wood Prison is a mix of routine, challenges, and the ever-present need for personal reform. While it has had its share of negative incidents, the facility aims to rehabilitate its inmates through work, education, and incentives for good behavior. With increased public scrutiny and investment, the hope is that prisons like Channings Wood can ultimately fulfill their mandate to prepare inmates for reintegration into society.

What is Channings Wood Prison Like?