Life in Wandsworth Prison

Life in Wandsworth Prison

What is it really like inside wandsworth prison? This BBC documentary exposes life inside the prison.

If you are wondering what being inside Wandsworth Prison is really like, this 24 mintue video exposes what life inside the prison is really like.

From spice attacks, violence, drugs, prison officers daily job routines and mental health issues and self harming.

The unprecedented prison documentary is given full access to Wandsworth Prison, the British Jail in the UK to expose what life is really like behind bars.

Firstly, I have spent some time inside Wandsworth prison and this is pretty much as close as you are going to get to a first hand account of what it is like daily inside the prison. 

Secondly, Bare in mind the documentary is obviously edited to make it like it is always like this and shows all the extreme occurances throughout the whole prison. Although it is similar to what i witnesses it isnt as extreme. The events usually flare up pretty quickly but also simmer down just as quick. The events are usually always started by the same people with mental health issues, gang related or someone kicking off as they didnt get their medication or their own way. Therefore, remember, if you are reading this as you’re due to spend sometime in Wandsworth Prison, keep yourself to yourself and you should be ok.

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What is life like inside wandsworth prison?

Firstly, From my own personal account, the victorian prison is not fit for purpose.

Secondly, the prison is its own worst enemy. A lot of the frustration from prisoners is due to lack of staff which then makes time out the cell less, time in the yard less, time to have a shower and get dinner less and causes resentment and flare ups.

Also, 2 men in a cell made for 1 also causes a lot of tentions, problems and having to share a small space the size of your bathroom is not fun for anyone. Especially when youre forced to have a cell mate who you do not get on with, is unclean or loves eastenders when you hate it (just as an example) can cause your time in prison to be more of a misery than it actually is!

I managed to, apart from a few arguments etc, come away from Wandsworth Prison after a year unscathed. I kept myself to myself, didnt get involved, didnt borrow, steal and walked away from arguments and situations that you would normally take issue with on the outside. I just wanted to get my time done and get home. It seemed to work for me so i dont know why the same process wouldnt work for you.

There is also a 4 part documentary called Life In Prison which you can watch here: Inside Prison Documentary