Are prison phone calls recorded

Are Prison Calls Recorded in prison

Are prison phone calls recorded

Are prison phone calls recorded? When a person is put in prison, you have to sign a form to state that you are away about the privacy of your prison phone calls and that they can monitor and listen in by the prison staff. This page aims to address these concerns and provide clarity on the recording of prison phone calls.

Recording of Calls

In most cases, prison phone calls are recorded and can be monitored by prison staff. This practice helps maintain security within the prison system and allows authorities to monitor communications for any potential security risks or illegal activities. It’s important for inmates and their contacts to be aware that their conversations could be subject to monitoring.

Are prison phone calls recorded - Exceptions for Legal Advisors and Approved Organizations

There are exceptions to the recording of prison phone calls. Conversations with legal advisors, as well as specific organizations listed under Rule 39, are generally treated as confidential and not recorded. Rule 39 is a set of guidelines that outlines the conditions under which certain communications are considered privileged and protected. This includes communications with legal representatives and recognized organizations that contribute to the legal and humanitarian support of inmates.

Authorized Phone Numbers

Inmates must obtain authorization to call specific phone numbers. This involves applying to have a number added to their Personal Identification Number (PIN) account. Once the number is approved, they can make calls to that specific contact. Inmates are allowed to have up to 20 social numbers added to their PIN accounts. However, they are not permitted to add numbers on behalf of other prisoners. The prison administration may also verify with the intended recipient whether they agree to receive calls from the inmate.

Restrictions on Calling Numbers

Inmates are generally not allowed to call businesses, with the exception of cases where the call is to family and friends. Additionally, there are “global” or “estate-wide” numbers that can be called from any prison. These numbers include those of organizations like the Prison Reform Trust, Samaritans, Prison and Probation Ombudsman, Crimestoppers, as well as courts and government institutions. A comprehensive list of such numbers can be found in PSI 49/2011 and in relevant information sheets.

Are Prison Calls Recorded

Communication Compact

Upon entering a prison, individuals are required to sign a Communications Compact. This is done to ensure that they understand the rules and regulations surrounding phone calls. One of the key aspects covered in the compact is the recording of all telephone conversations with family and friends, emphasizing that these calls may be monitored by prison staff.

Introduction of Pre-Call Announcement

As of April 25, 2022, changes have been made to the process of receiving calls from inmates. A pre-recorded message is played before connecting the call, giving recipients the choice to accept or decline the call. The message informs them of the call’s origin in a prison, the recording of calls, and the potential listening by prison staff. If the call is accepted, the conversation proceeds, and the inmate is not charged until after the message concludes. This new procedure ensures that recipients are fully aware of the recording and interception of the call.

Retention and Deletion of Recordings

Call recordings are retained for a maximum of 90 days before being automatically deleted. Some recordings may be kept for longer if they have been monitored and are deemed necessary for security purposes within the prison.

Are prison phone calls recorded

The recording of prison phone calls is a standard practice in correctional facilities, primarily aimed at ensuring security and monitoring. Exceptions are made for confidential communications with legal advisors and designated organizations. The introduction of a pre-call announcement further enhances transparency and ensures that call recipients are informed about the recording of conversations. While some restrictions apply, these measures are crucial for maintaining a secure and controlled environment within the prison system. For more detailed information, please refer to the relevant regulations and guidelines provided by the prison authorities. If you have additional questions, you can contact [email protected].
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Are Prison Phone Calls Recorded